Show Judges and Lecturers

The Society maintains a list of Judges who have passed the Society`s judging examination. Please contact individual judges to discuss fees and expenses. When writing, it would be appreciated if you could please enclose a stamped address envelope for reply.

If you are interested in becoming a qualified NVS Judge you can find more details in this article by Jim Williams who is Chairman of the Judges Examination Board.

There is also advice for all NVS judges and prospective judges in relation to judging collections which can be found here>

Details of the 2017 Judge's Exams will be available here when it becomes available>

The panel of lecturers is maintained by the Society to enable Affiliated Societies to obtain the services of an experienced lecturer on the subject of vegetables.

All communications should be made direct between your Society and the Lecturer.

Each Lecturer is able to provide a lecture on a wide range of topics, relating to vegetable cultivation, and showing. A Society should give a full description of their requirements when contacting the Lecturer, and agree on matters like availability of projector, screen, etc.

A full list of NVS judges and lecturers can be obtained by contacting our National Secretary, Fiona Shenfield.

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