Dear All

As advised in your latest Simply Vegetables Magazine (Trustees news), we have created a set of the judges stationery for you to download and print off locally. This is in an effort to help standardise, UK wide, the use of the correct version of the various Judging aids that exist  e.g. Pointing card, Judges Comments card, NAS card, Outstanding exhibit card etc etc. It was agreed to generate a PDF format of each item and make them available for use although these items remain available to purchase from NVS stock too.

Copies of each document can be found below:

Collection pointing card

20 point collection pointing card

Millennium class pointing card

Outstanding exhibit card

NAS card

We are aware of the number of old photo copied versions that appear at shows in various formats.  I would encourage everyone to ensure that you use the correct up to date versions to help promote a consistent image.

Please note, very shortly, we will also be emailing a PDF set of documents to each judge, DA and Branch Secretary/Show Secretary who is:

a) on email; and

b) has given consent to contact them via email ( using your GDPR consent form).

We hope you find this useful. They all print out on to A4 size paper/card.

Fiona Shenfield

NVS General Secertary

Written on Sunday 5th August 2018 by Emily Plumb


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