As you are aware, we advised in the spring edition of the 2018 Simply Vegetables that due to a number of errors in the second edition of the Judge's & Exhibitor's Guide, the Trustees agreed that a re-print was required and that all who had already purchased a copy of the second edition guide would receive a replacement free of charge.

We are pleased to advise that the amended guide has now been reprinted and is now available for the free replacement of your existing owned copy and/or purchase new at £8.50 plus P&P. (this reprint is known as “second edition, first amendment”).

Please also be advised that this amended edition has now been produced in a ring binder format, with each page being revision controlled to ensure that any potential future changes may be carried out in a swift, cost effective manner providing the ability to update individual pages through revision control methods. Thanks again to all who assisted in identifying, implementing and proof reading the changes that were required.

If you currently hold a copy of the second edition Judge's & Exhibitor's Guide and require to have it replaced free of charge, please contact your local Branch Membership Secretary. Note: in order to receive your replacement copy, you must surrender your current second edition copy.

We do understand that this is not an ideal situation, but would appreciate your support and flexibility in helping us to administer this exchange.

We hope you enjoy using your new guide.

Fiona Shenfield

NVS General Secretary


Written on Tuesday 18th September 2018 by Emily Plumb


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