As you may have noticed in Simply Vegetables magazine the cost of membership of the Society has changed. Trustees recommended this increase  to the AGM in September, with it subsequently being approved, by the members present.

In order to keep you as a member up to date, and also keep you more informed, the Trustees will be using all forms of communication available to them to increase the openness in the running of the Society. So why the increase?

A rise in membership subscriptions of any Society is always viewed from both a positive and negative side. The reality is that the previous annual figures were insufficient to cover the running cost of providing a membership to each individual or Society. Membership subscriptions had remained static for some 10 years. After all these costs were taken into consideration the Branches were reliant on fundraising to provide resources to allow them to carry out their charitable objectives. Although fundraising is an integral part of the Society , we cannot solely rely on it to finance the Society, therefore that is the reasoning behind the new increase. The money raised from the increase will all go to Branches, no part of the increase will go to the Trustees board. This will provide a level of breathing space for the Branches that was not previously there.

In addition to this the Trustees will also be looking at all areas of costs that they have a responsibility for, to ensure that they are achieving the best value possible. By all working together we can ensure that the Society is on a sound and stable footing for the years to come to ensure that best value is being gained and costs kept manageable . No one likes an increase but I hope you can understand why this decision was taken in the best interests of protecting the Society and allowing us to go forward in the future.


The Trustees and I have started to review the NVS business policy. 

If you have any views on how we may better serve you and the Society then please do let me know.


Written on Saturday 20th October 2018 by Emily Plumb


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