Over the last year the Trustees Board’s main aim has been the production of a development plan that will both stabilise the Society and take it forward for the next 5 years. 2019 under the Chair of Sandra Hall was a year of consolidation – looking at where improvements could be made quickly together with the production of the plan. Well the first part has already seen a new SV contract negotiated which has resulted in substantial savings to the Branches, which together with the membership fee increase has put them on a sounder financial footing. Various other initiatives have been undertaken which have also resulted in substantial savings. However, the main thrust has been the development plan. 2020 is seen by the Trustees as the year of implementation. Several critical areas have been worked on including social media and communications but the implementation of a membership software package was viewed as the number one priority. The Trustees at their recent Board meeting unanimously agreed to proceed with the implementation of such software, together with a replacement web site. Both these systems will be provided by White Fuse as an integrated package. As the project is in its very early stages planning is currently underway to develop the Project Plan. The systems are being implemented to provide you as a member with a better and easier experience for joining and renewing memberships and having access to information and a host of other items. As the implementation progresses, we will update you on a regular basis. The current aim is to go live in August 2020 – so exciting times and a lot of work ahead. Several members and DA`s are already involved in various aspects of the plan and the Trustees would like to say a huge thank you to them for all their work. However, there is always room for more – so if you do want to get involved please just pick up the phone or drop an email to any of the Trustees.

Written on Thursday 23rd January 2020 by Emily Plumb


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